General information


The reception is open from monday and friday from 10h:00 to 12h:00 in the morning and from 15h:00 to 18h:00 in the afternoon. on tuesday to thursday is the reception only open on request. The reception is behind the house and it’s also possible to ring the bell at the front door.


The Peppelhoeve has several parking places where the car’s can be parked.


Do you want to host visitors? Just tell it before the visitors are coming at the reception. Visitors can only stay overnight if the maximum allowed people that can sleep in the apartment won’t be exceeded. Visitors need to park their car at the side of the street at the Peppelhoeve.



Make sure before you come with a dog, that you have it announced at the direction of the Peppelhoeve, so that we can tell you the precautions. We would like to inform you with the following rules:

  • On site of the Peppelhoeve is it always nessecary to have the dog on a leash;
  • Let the dog out beside the street and not on site of the peppelhoeve;
  • Don’t let your dog on the bed.

The costs for bringing your dog is €6,00 a day or €38,00 for a week.


To guarantee the night’s rest of our guests and our neighbors, Does it has to be quite between 23h:00 and 8h:00 on site of the Peppelhoeve. The owner has the right to remember the guest about their night’s rest and to inform that it has to be quite at night.


The post can daily be picked up at the openings hours of the reception.


Your waist can be deposit at the gray container with Wielemaker on it. The container is located in the beginning of the Peppelhoeve at your right at the “milieustraat”. It is possible to separate your waist over here.

milieu straat

On the day of departure is it obligatory that you leave the apartment clean before 10h:00. Everything in the apartment need to be clean and complete, we also ask you to leave the fridge empty and out (stand 0). You can leave the key at the deposit will be returned if everything is oke.

Extra persons

It is possible to book extra people, contact us for this.