Citties in Zeeland en Belgium: Vlissingen, Middelburg, Veere, Antwerpen end Knokke

The holidayresort the Peppelhoeve is located within a short distance from various cities. With about four kilometers cycling (or walking) you are already on the beautiful boulevard(s) of Vlissingen. Besides the lovely bathing beach and various delicious eating possibilities that the city has to offer, also the night market, the Street Festival and the weekly market on Friday is a visit worth. Specialties such as the “bolus” a dutch delicacy, a visit to the tourist attraction Arsenal or the Iguana reptile zoo also belong to the possibilities to visit.

Seven kilometers away from the Peppelhoeve is Middelburg. Zeeland’s capital city and this historic city offers a great nightlife, a weekly market and several fairs / festivals. Thanks to the colorful history of this former VOC town you can also enjoy the various monumental rustic spots.

Veere is a former VOC port with Scottish homes and a marina. The port is uniquely situated to the Veerse Meer and is very popular with day trippers. Would you take a boat trip on the Lake Veersemeer, rent a sailboat or pamper yourself in one of the typical restaurants? Everything is possible!

If you want a day trip to Belgium? That can be done from the Peppelhoeve as well. In about fourtyfive minutes driving from our southern neighbors. Places such as Antwerp, Bruges, Knokke and Gent are very popular and offer numerous possibilities for a nice daytrip.

Beach of  Vlissingen


  1. Badstrand
  2. Nollestrand
  3. Duistrand
  4. Westduin
  5. Westduin
  6. Westduin

Beach of Vlissingen/Groot Valkenisse


  1. Westduin
  2. Vebenabos
  3. Dishoek
  4. Kaapduin
  5. ‘t Lage Licht
  6. Strandweg
  7. Groot Valkenisse
  8. Vossehol