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knooppunten (1) Cyclingpoints

You can explore Zeeland fine with out any knowledge of the area, however there is plenty to discover. But you can also use a bicycle route planner. The cycling network in Zeeland is perfect maintained and takes you through the most beautiful roads and paths! A bunker route, blossom route or views of the Delta Works? Plenty of fine cycling routes in Zeeland.

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fietscafé+rechthoekig Bicyclecafés in Zeeland

Zeeland bicyclecafés are extra bicycle friendly. Mountain bikers can enjoy free use of some facilities, such as sanitation and the ability to fill a bottle with water. Always handy during a strenuous mountain bike trip, but also useful as a start or end of your route.

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Also for the moutinabike cyclist is Zeeland a good opportunity. Plenty of mountain bike trails along and through nature. mountain bikers can fine the pedals revving around in every part of the province. In Zeeland-Vlaanderen near the border of Belgium you will find a cross-border mountain bike network that will not only cross on challenging off-road trails, but also across the border.

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fietsverhuurBicycle rental

Easy does it.Everywhere in Zeeland can you  hire bicycles. An ordinary bike, a mountain bike, tandem bike or a bike with pedal assistance, it is all possible. So you can easily go very spontaneous cycling during your vacation.

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belevendfietsenExperience Zeeland on the bicyle

Experience Zeeland on the bicycle not only by driving through the beautiful surroundings. The landscape has many unusual stories. By cycling can you discover with a special bike speaker or on your own mp3-player the stories of the area and surrounding, by this way the everything will come to life!

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zeeeland+fietstip Bicycle route tips


Whole Zeealand is waiting to be discovered, but maybe you just have time for one day trip. Therefore, two popular routes as a Tip: The small chappel-route leads along Mary Chapels in East Zeeland near Belgium; small statues of silent devotion. Your spring dot is Blossom Pathway in the Pocket of South Beveland where in May the fruit trees are in bloom. Everyone will experience Zeeland in its own way. Share your cycling experience in the coments.

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